venerdì 12 dicembre 2008

The Family of Man

The Family Of Man

Je crois que l'exposition THE FAMILY OF MAN est un des projets les plus ambitieux et les plus audacieux jamais expérimenté en photographie.(…) THE FAMILY OF MAN a été créée dans un esprit passionné d'amour et dévoué de foi en l'homme"

Jerry Mason, éditeur du catalogue original

W. Eugene Smith, The walk to Paradise Garden, New York 1946

The family of is one of the most beautiful travel in the human being feelings I have ever done. Walking in the small rooms of the exhibition, is an unforgivable experience of beauty, and ugliness, love and war, happiness and sadness, sorrow and serenity. Walking there, surrounded by pictures from all over the world, means to walk in the feelings of men, of every man, in every part of the world. It is the evidence that men and women are looking for the same hug in life, and suffering the beauty of a birth, are escaping bomb, are playing in a field of ruins. It does not matter where you are, who you are, why you are. Big questions of life do not matter. A kiss, as well as an hug is what matters. I felt it there. I felt that real life can be more philosophically deep than everything else....

I did not give a technical sketch of the exposition, but it is impossible not to be kidnapped by it..

mercoledì 12 novembre 2008



how to start a have no idea..starting is like the first line of an article...the one that you write at the end. but unfortunately this relativity of the time does not work on line, so ..i need an "incipit"... or I do not need anything..let's give up rules of writing, structure, introduction body conclusion, pyramids of content, inverted, this is just my space, this is just the need of some thoughts to go out, and the deep wish that I have to start something new in a strange moment of my life... I feel it is the moment to express somewhere what I love...and what I love is contemporary art.... someone likes sailing, someone likes climbing, someone likes cooking...ok...I do not dislike none of them..but walking around in Moma, in Tate or in Mudam..this is what i love..
So you will think " are a critic, an expert, you studied history of art" :( I am a computational linguistic.And I know, building ontologies has nothing to do with all this!maybe this is one of the reason I decided to write down this blog... well...there are moment in your life when you feel the need to do something for yourself. I mean these kind of moments in which you feel that something/someone is missing, and you feel the need of focusing on something that makes you happy!

So, welcome in this blog...well, I hate this word, so, since literature it's not math and you do not need exact definitions, let´s call it..boh... Agora...