lunedì 30 novembre 2009

Luiz Braga

Pochi artisti mi hanno colpita come lui.
Non una parola. Solo una foto, chiara, semplice diretta. Ed eccoti catapultato negli slum brasiliani...Colori che colpiscono e sottolineano la povertà vitale della casa. Focusa decentrato, come se la macchian ci volesse far concentrare sui dettagli dell'interno, tagliando fuori metà della scena. Non so, non so perché ma quest'immagine mi sembra davvero uno degli scatti più forti e toccanti che abbia ma visto. Un moneto rubato, un'immagine rapita ad una realtà semplicemente sudamericana.

domenica 22 novembre 2009

Biennale 2009

Un pomeriggio di Novembre, sola a passeggio tra i giardini della biennale, è un'emozione che una persona si dovrebbe regalare almeno una volta ogni due anni. L'atmosfera è quella di un freddo autunno che sonnecchia e il pomeriggio una di quelle giornate in cui l'unico rumore che senti è lo scricchiolio del tappeto di foglie morte sotto i tuoi piedi.
In un momento del genere, tutto assume un fascino particolare.

giovedì 12 febbraio 2009

What is conceptual art...

Sol LeWitt wrote in 1970:

When an artist uses conceptual form of art, it means that all the planning and the decisions are made beforeand, and the execution is a perfuncotry affair. The idea becomes the machine which makes art.

What did he mean with this sentence?
I abstracted it from the context and I started reflecting on it. What there is behind the conceptual art. The idea, the concept.
But is art only the "idea", or also the way of expressing it. I don't have an answer.
Is it true that the execution is a perfuncotry affair? There is something that does not convince me.
Is it true that the impulse of a movement does not matter?
So who is the the artist. Maybe also a scientist could be considered an artist: a scientist who finds a perfect algorithm...the idea..the concept, the beauty of a formula. Which is the difference in this case between the minimalistic beauty of a sculpure of Arp, and the simple beauty of Einstein formula, if The idea becomes the machine which makes art.
Well, the freedom of the observer.
Maybe the difference is in the potential interpretation. The scientist cannot leave space for observer interpretation. The artist can and does. From a pure sphere we can imagine the world, a ball, the belly of a mother...the observer is free to close his eyes and dream.
So maybe the execution is something more than a perfuncotry affair.
There must be a moment in which the the idea becomes art...and maybe it is in this moment in which the seed of immagination is dropped in the work.

sabato 31 gennaio 2009

ArsMeteo: artistic forecast art...meeting point for new current..I do not know!
ArsMeteo is a bit of everything..
I studied digital art on books @Uni...I studied it as a post avant-garde in several Biennale of Venice, but today I kind of crashed into
Working, I was browsing on the page of the International Year for Intercultural Dialog and I found a Lab with ArsMeteo project...the home is simply genial to me..a kind of semantic network of concept flying on the work..concepts which bring you to artistic works, movements, currents, tags. It could be an artistic representation of an ontology, where entities fly around connected only by semantic constrains of our minds...where everyone can follow a his personal interpretation in travelling among these concepts..:)
So...have a nice journey.. ArsMeteo!!!

Photo Diary of James Hill

Trying to work on Saturday morning, always brings you reading some news around..:P And this is how I found myself on the trace of the photographer of Between war and Peace , James Hill. Originally English, he is now living in Russia, but travelling around as NY Times photographer. His photodiary in Afghanistan war is really touching, and it brings you in discovering, as rarely happens, these womanish and mannish suffering eyes behind the net of fear.

His spots seems to be stolen in the perfect moment, in the perfect instant in which silence takes the place of the war uproar. Just a moment, a moment of humanity, of living. And in the portrait he steals even more, he steals the angry look of a young lady without Chador, he sees the detail in a crowd.

James Hill pict
I am not an expert, I am not a photographer, I just like to write down what I feel...

Photos © James Hill

mercoledì 28 gennaio 2009

Let´s call it: "illumination"

For someone is close, for someone is not :), but this exhibition on Futurism seems to be more interesting than the usual "let` s put on a wall a famous name for collecting some money selling gadgets". :P.
At MART of Rovereto is starting a new exhibition on Futurism, where more than a gallery of famous names, there should be an interesting perspective which compare Futurism with other avantgardes of the beginning of the century.
I say it should because I have not seen it, but I read this interesting editorial ( sorry, in Italian :( ) which gives a new point of view.
Every room reflects on the connection of each artistic movement that was fermenting in that period.

martedì 27 gennaio 2009

Photography - Message of hope

Reading NY Art magazine, I went through an interesting picture..that you can find @ NYARTMagazine. And it let my mind fly!

Copyright @ Tommaso Guermandi/

My work attempts to represent a borderline reality—not marginal, not nearly, but a non-conformist reality. In substance, I imagine animated and non-animated objects in a special zoo made of thoughts and words, and pictures as short existential, emotional, dream stories. I also conceive the concrete; from the leaves, to the wind, to the color of each season... the love, and, the pain… The author

Even a sunflower sometimes doesn't find a reason to look at his sun...but a warm ray is still looking for it, trying to lull it with his light...

domenica 4 gennaio 2009

My corner in NYC

Travelling around, you always have to find you spaces....well , in NYc there is a special place, a wonderful Gallery in West Broadway, which knidnapped me many many times...
Eli Klein Fine Art .

Bridge bet west and east, it is a point of contact bst chinese artists and the "New world". Interesting and innovative, in a pure design style...the warmth of the evniroment comes from the works...